My Healthy EASY Cookbooks! December 01 2016

Are you trying to start cooking healthier or cook more at home? My healthy easy recipes will guide you through the kitchen with everyday ingredients! The #1 comment I get nationwide is "I already have the ingredients in my pantry!

I use affodable everyday ingredients to create easy 30-minute recipes. Each cookbook has a different personality with recipes that fit!

From tips to menus, you will find my cookbooks are a resource of information.  I have tons of recipes on my healthy food blog for samples.

I have the books discounted my cookbooks in my store to offer you really special pricing:  Use discount code:  TRIM25 for 25% off already discounted price--that's 35% OFF!!!!

See you in the kitchen!That's my Candied Pecan Brie from KITCHEN 101.  Here's the recipe