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My Healthy EASY Cookbooks!

My Healthy EASY Cookbooks!

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

Are you trying to start cooking healthier or cook more at home? My healthy easy recipes will guide you through the kitchen with everyday ingredients! The #1 comment I get nationwide is "I already have the ingredients in my pantry!

I use affodable everyday ingredients to create easy 30-minute recipes. Each cookbook has a different personality with recipes that fit!

From tips to menus, you will find my cookbooks are a resource of information.  I have tons of recipes on my healthy food blog for samples.

I have the books discounted my cookbooks in my store to offer you really special pricing:  Use discount code:  TRIM25 for 25% off already discounted price--that's 35% OFF!!!!

See you in the kitchen!That's my Candied Pecan Brie from KITCHEN 101.  Here's the recipe